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About Tenya

Tenya plans to become a restaurant chain serving the best tendon (tempura rice bowls) and tempura dishes in Japan.
To popularize and spread tempura which is a traditional culinary culture of Japan, Tenya serves high-quality tendon and tempura at reasonable prices.

Job description

Various background staff work together at Tenya, students, homemkers, part-time jobbers, senior, foreigners. To get customer satisfaction, our staff work all together with teamwork. You don't need to worry about anything as our experienced staff kindly teach you all the job functions with useful manuals.

●Waiter/waitress jobs

Waiters/waitresses welcome customers with smile, and lead them to the table.You put all the order information into the handy terminal devices, and that information will be automatically transmitted to the kitchen staff. You deliver the dishes to the customer table, proceed the payment, and see the guests off.

●Cooking jobs

You do not need any cooking experience because tempura is made in the kitchen by Tenya's original auto frying machine.

●Food preparation jobs

Pre-cook preparation is primarily to deliver food safely and quickly to the guests.

●Cleaning jobs

Cleaning is a very important job that helps our customers enjoy their food and feel good. There are several places to clean, including the tables, chairs, kitchen and toilets, but we take turns depending on the day of the week.


Uniforms are rented and sent to cleaners by the shop, so you don't need to wash them at home.


At Tenya, you will get working experience, and staff discount.


For anyone who still has concerns about applying for the jobs at Tenya, here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers, that might help your understanding.

Q. Is there an age limit for part-time jobs?

A.Anyone in high school and above is qualified. *Retirement age is 65

Q. Do we have job interviews in Japanese?

A.Yes we have job interviews in Japanese.
You need to bring the document to identify your personal information as follows.
*Passport, Residence Card or Permit to Engage In Activity Other Than That Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted.

Q. Are there any hairstyle or dress code rules?

A.It is important for food business staff to keep our appearance clean and tidy all the time. Detail information on hairstyles (length/coloring) will be explained in the interview.

Q. What if I have never worked part time at a restaurant or in the service industry?

A.No problem at all. Everyone can get the training through the original programs and manuals.

Q. What is the working style at Tenya?

A.You can choose which day and what time you work.
For instance, you can choose the time while your children are at school, or the time after they return from school.

Q. Are alcoholic drinks served at Tenya?

A.Beer and sake are served.